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FXS/FXO Gateway


FXS stands for Foreign Exchange Subscriber that delivers the analog lines to the Subscriber/PBX/system. FXO stands for Foreign Exchange Office that is used to receives the input via subscriber/System.

FXS and FXO are the name of the ports used by analog phone lines (also known as POTS – Plain Old Telephone Service) or phones.

FXS – Foreign exchange Subscriber interface is the port that actually delivers the analog line to the subscriber. In other words it is the “plug on the wall” that delivers a dial tone, battery current and ring voltage.

FXO – Foreign exchange Office interface is the port that receives the analog line. It is the plug on the phone or fax machine, or the plug(s) on your analog phone system. It delivers an on-hook/off-hook indication (loop closure). Since the FXO port is attached to a device, such as a fax or phone, the device is often called the “FXO device”.

These are always paired, i.e similar to a male / female plug.

An FXO Gateway: To connect analog phone lines to an IP phone system you need an FXO gateway. This allows you to connect the FXS port to the FXO port of the gateway, which then translates the analog phone line to a VoIP call.

These gateways are further configured with PARTH UCS to access all the call related functionality

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