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AR-5201 Telephone Recording Instrument With Answering Machine


One of the Best Embedded Telephone Recording with Answering Machine

  • 01 Line Recording
  • Standalone Device
  • No Computer Required
  • Easy Installation -Plug & Play
  • Answering Machine with personalized greeting (Voice Mail Box)
  • SD Card slot for recording
  • Inbuilt search & play with display
  • Inbuilt speaker to play voice files
  • Record with incoming & outgoing number
  • CLI support in FSK & DTMF both
  • 4G SD card to record 130 hours.
  • Real-time monitor, Manage and back up recordings.
  • Automatic & Manual Telephone Recording.
  • Inbuilt MIC for Conference Recording
  • Manual Recording Conference/ Home Memo via MIC input.
  • Answering Message function: After 3-12 times ring
  • Allow user to access remotely access for new message retrieve.)
  • Recording includes the complete CDR (call data record) info like voice recording, start time and date, call in/out numbers.
  • Record call conversation, Call Type, Date, Time, Incoming / Outgoing No., Call duration, recording duration and so on.
  • Real-time monitor, Manage and back up recordings
  • 4G SD Card to record 130 hours Telephone Conversation.


  • Home / Office Telephone Recording
  • Conference, Training, Dictation, Lecture Recording

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