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USB Voice Logger


In today’s business, it is important to keep a track on all communication made between client and associates. 16 port USB Voice Logger provides the same facility with its feature of telephone recording system. This device can record all incoming and outgoing calls from all extensions of EPABX in the computer system. It also works without connecting to EPABX when telephone lines are directly connected to it. Not only phone calls but it also gives date-time, talk time, incoming-outgoing numbers, and other information. It records all the calls in a high quality voice which can be accessed anytime from the computer. Duration of calls recorded depends on the memory space used in the computer system.

This amazing telecom solution package includes an USB device and software. The software gets installed in the computer system while the telephone lines get connected parallel with device through RJ-11 phone jack. The device also needs to get connected with the computer system through USB port.

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