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Benefits of Auto Dialer

by Shreya Dey,on Wed Oct 12,2017

Auto dialers are designed to be a smart system to manage outbound call process in call centers. It is designed by adopting the best features of computer algorithms, statistical modeling and complex probabilistic. It uses all this metrics to dial our customer’s number from the database and to increase productivity. It is smart enough to dial numbers whenever a agent is about to finish the current call to decrease downtime.

Its smart features are intelligent enough to assign calls to next available agents without any downtime. Its smart algorithm never let it wait for a particular agent to become available to dial a number. It considers all agent of a team as equally skilled and assigns calls without any bias. This let no agents to choose calls manually for themselves.

Auto dialers also help in organizing and managing client database and records. This helps the employees to access all client data easily without any mistakes. It also helps in restructuring calls on the basis of previous call records. It also provides a separate list of busy and no answer calls which make it smarter than any other dialers. It also allows agents to dispose a call manually after finishing if needed. It is also smart enough to detect the numbers that don’t have potentials to generate any sale.

Auto Dialers also help in updating the client database with maintaining call-back lists. This allows it dial preferred numbers whenever required and assign it to an agent. It also helps the agent by providing real-time information about the client and past history.

It also helps in blending outbound/inbound calls in the call centers that deals with both of the customer services. It uses automatic call distribution system to assign calls to available agents and keeps callers in the queue if no agents are available. It also take message from the caller in busy time so that an agent can call them back with requested information.

These smart features of Auto dialers help the call centers to improve their services and agent’s performance.


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