All You Need to Know About Cloud Telephony

by Sachin Kaushik,on Wed Aug 19,2019

Everything is moving to cloud then why not telephony. Basically , cloud telephony means moving your PBX  out of your office to cloud. There is a lot of  grey area on how the cloud telephony system works and its benefits to the users. . Also since telecom has always been regulated by Governments, the Rules for Cloud Telephony vary from country to country.

In most of the parts of the world, Cloud Telephony means hosted VoIP services. But in India, Cloud telephony is still powered by regular Telecom networks, Since VoIP is illegal in India.

Cloud Telephony Meaning
Conventional Business telephone system uses PBX for Call distribution in our office.  Primarily in Cloud telephony solution PBX system is hosted in some data center. It also means that PBX is no longer in office (in premise) but it uses cloud computing for managing business calls.
Cloud Telephony can be used for incoming as well as outgoing calls. But in India, it is used primarily for Incoming calls.
All the calls are routed through Cloud Servers. Premium features like IVR, Call recording are easily available to everybody without investment in costly equipment.
Cloud Telephony is the communications technology where all communication devices and applications are hosted at the service provider’s premises. Any business interested in using these services do not need to install any software or buy any hardware to get the services started. The service can be an IVR, call center setup, call recording, virtual number or call forwarding. These services can be started on a traditional phone, mobile or a computer system i.e. desktop, laptop or tablet.

It works via two networks
PSTN - Many countries do not allow mixing of IP and PSTN calls like India and Middle East countries. These countries use PSTN based cloud Telephony solution
IP - The cloud telephony services are delivered via internet. Some countries such as Untied States have internet linked calling or are VoIP enabled, for providing Cloud Telephony services.

Benefits of Cloud Telephony

Call Distribution
The incoming calls can be distributed based on skills, or round robin or based on free/busy.

Multilevel IVR
Create a grand impression of your company by greeting your incoming callers with a meaningful IVR. This also helps in better call distribution based on the option selected by the caller.

Call Recording
All the calls are recorded by default. Call recording has many advantages like Quality control, Training purpose, Proof of commitment, dispute resolution.

Number Masking.
The number of the caller is not displayed to the Agent. The agent sees the number of Cloud Telephony provider.
This makes sure that you always own the customer, no matter who is providing the service.

No hardware required.
Absolutely ZERO installation at your place. Just subscribe to the service and start enjoying the benefits.

Detailed reporting for all the calls.
Agents call reports. Calls held versus not held. Duration of calls. Agents with maximum calls and maximum call time. There is no limit to the kind of reporting that you can schedule as an email to yourself.

Time-based call routing.
Office hours and after office hours can have different treatment for the calls. Eg: in office hours you route the calls to agents and after office hours you may just play an IVR and call that caller next day.
Alternatively, different Agents can be defined for different time periods. 
Easy to setup
Instant setup and hassle-free configuration. Since Enjay offers everything unlimited, you don’t need to worry about the bills.

You add more agents or add more branches. No problem, Cloud telephony can handle changes in scale with a breeze

Cloud Telephony is based on cloud services. As such chances of failure are far less as compared to in-house EPABX.

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