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Needs of help lines are immense amongst government, NGOs and corporation. They are demanding the solution with or without technology but it is not easy to monitor help line without an exact technology. Looking in to mind ARIA Telecom comes up with state of the art technology with cost effective price in public help. Some of the helpline we have developed are shown bellow.

  • IVRS based Election Helpline
  • IVRS Based HIV Aids Helpline
  • IVRS based Aarogyam Helpline

Company is recognized in the industry for implementing diverse IVRS based help Line Systems. Company is known for taking initiative for social causes. Aria Telecom is always taken the responsibility to help a bit for the society which gives a sense of satisfaction that we are rooted to our values and morals in today's competitive word, bring cutting-edge IVR system in Delhi Ncr as well as the enitre India.

The projects executed by Aria Telecom definitely helped the people in one or other way which in turn helped our society to get various kinds of information and knowledge to make the society a better place to live.

  • Eradication of Vaccination related problems in the society.
  • With The appropriate knowledge and information people have improved their lifestyle.

A healthy mind resides in a healthy body so if people are healthy they can opt for the better employment. When people are healthy and employed then only they can take care of the environment and with all these projects we tried that people would get a better life.

The IVRS based Projects executed by the respective districts also generated lot of employment for the local people. The unique aspect of the social initiative taken was as follows:

  • All the Help Lines were phone and SMS based so each and every person can avail the services of the help lines. As in rural areas the use of internet and website is still less as compared to urban areas
  • The Help Line was a unified communication which makes it unique and different.

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